Open letter- Motion “Ban of stressful experiments with primates“

The national council Maya Graf (Green Party) requests the suspension of all stressful experiments with primates in Switzerland. As of today, animal experimentation with primates is a very small part of all animal experiments, but it is irreplaceable and is one of the basic factors for progress in biomedical research. A complete ban of experiments using primates as model organisms would impede research on life threatening diseases and be detrimental for the protection of primates.

Life science researchers from diverse Swiss research institutions have thus composed an open letter to Maya Graf where the four most important points speaking against this ban are raised:

  1. Everybody in Switzerland profits from the achievements made by research with primates
  2. Everybody in Switzerland profits from the security tests conducted with primates before substances are tested on humans
  3. A ban of primate experimentation would hurt the research location Switzerland
  4. The well-being of laboratory animals is best protected in Switzerland

Please read the entire letter (in German or French) posted below. If you would like to sign the letter or are interested in the motion and its potential impact, please send an e-mail message to: More about «Forschung für Leben» on